Friday, August 7, 2009

Parish Pastoral Council

To meet the challenges that lie ahead in 2008, a restructured Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) was conceptualized in the preliminary meetng of the incoming PPC Executive Committee (EXECOM) held at the Mangubat Residence on November 10, 2007.

The structure of the PPC EXECOM is composed of Father Luke Dobles as the PPC Head. Immediately supporting Father Luke are the Council of Elders headed by Kuya Tony and Ate Lina Feliciano, the Religious Congregations headed by Sister Au Gucila of the Daughters of Mary, and the Parish Auditor Kuya Buddy Lising, assisted by Ate Linda Duritan.

Assisting Father Luke in implementing the various activities and projects of the Parish are PPC Coordinators Kuya Toti and Ate Cora Mangubat, with Ate Shirley Ruiz as Assistant Coordinator, Ate Cecil Jimenez as Treasurer, with Ate Elsa Maskarino as Assistant Treasurer, and Ate Aida Arines as Secretary, with Ate Bel Geronimo as Assistant Secretary.

The PPC Core is composed of the Parish EXECOM and the Heads of the various committees such as the Worship, Evangelization, Service, Temporalities, Youth, Family and Life, Ways and Means, and Mass Media.

The following pastoral workers were appointed heads of the PPC committees: Ate Josie Cruz for the Worship Committee, Sister Au Gucila for the Evangelization Committee, Kuya Boy Temporal for both the Service and Temporalites Committees, Kuya Kevin Salonga for the Youth Committee, and Kuya Oca and Ate Lety Calma for the Ways and Means Committee.

The various organizations and ministries under the Worship Committee are: the Mother Butler Guild (MBG) headed by Ate Paquita Cruz, the Apostleship of Prayer (AP) headed by Dr. Lou Sarmiento, the Ministry of Commentators and Lectors (COMLEC) headed by Ate Shirley Ruiz, the Special Ministers of Holy Communion (SMHC) headed by Kuya Leo Duritan, the Ministry of Altar Servers (MAS) headed by Kuya Joseph Lising, and the Music Ministry (MUSIC) headed by Ate Sylvia Tan.

The Evangelization Committee is composed of the Basic Ecclesial Community (BEC) and the five Area Heads headed by Ate Lulu Visaya, the Legion of Mary by Ate Josie Tolentino, and the Block Rosary Crusade (BRC) headed by Ate Cora Bartolome.

The Service Committee is composed of the Knights of Columbus (K of C), headed by Grand Knight Kuya Salvador Pascua, Jr., the Restorative Justice Ministry (RJM), and several newly formed ministries.

The Family and Life Committee will be composed of the Marriage Encounter (ME) and the two groups belonging to the Couples for Christ (CFC).

Kuya Oca and Ate Lety are currently scouting for members for the Ways and Means Committee.

The Parish Organizational Structure was presented before the members of the PPC Core on November 30, 2007 at the Claretian Novitiate House. The members of the PPC EXECOM and the PPC Core were installed on December 9, 2007 in a Holy Mass officiated by Bishop Antonio Tobias coinciding with the installation of Father Luke Dobles as the new Parish Priest of San Lorenzo Ruiz.

In June of this year, the proposed new Diocesan realignment of parish ministries and organizations was presented to the PPC body for review and ratification. Consequently, the amendments and changes were incorporated into the Organogram to reflect the unique character of SLRP.

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