Sunday, September 20, 2009

Tiangge sa Sanlo 2009

(Due to the disruption caused by typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng, the next two days of Tiangge sa Sanlo 2009 has been rescheduled for Nov 29 and Dec 6 with Dec 13 reserved in case of inclement weather).
Last Sunday, September 20, saw the start of the festive celebration of the weeklong activities in connection with the feast of our patron saint, San Lorenzo Ruiz. The Tiangge sa Sanlo 2009 kicked off its three Sunday offerings which included a variety of products at very affordable prices. There were food products, such as kakanin, puto, daing na bangus, marinated milk fish, bananas, peanuts, bread, pickle relish to cookies and pastries. There were also cooked native delicacies, such as lugaw, embutido, atsara, marinated bangus, rellenong bangus and the best tasting pork and chicken barbecues this side of the Novaliches diocese. And there were also the dry goods such as children's clothes, native Ilocano blankets, wood carvings, soap products, candles and perfumes. Not to be outdone were those selling vitamins and medicines, beauty accessories, bags, decorative frames, computer graphics services and religious items.

If you want something affordable, come join us on the next two Sundays (September 27 and October 4) for more fun and exciting flea market shopping experience.

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