Saturday, July 9, 2011

PPC Buckles Down To Work For Fiesta 2011

Last July 9, in its regular monthly meeting, the PPC began serious preparations for this year’s fiesta acitvities. With the heads of the different ministries in participation, the PPC divided itself into three committees: Liturgical Committee, which will handle all worship related activities, Non-Liturgical Committee, which will handle all social, cultural, sports, recreational and fellowship activities, and the Finance Committee, which will handle all fund-raising needs of the fiesta.

These committees are headed by:

Liturgical Committee—Father Luke and Ate Aida Arines, head of the Worship Committee

Non-Liturgical Committee—Kuya Cesar Tiongson, PPC Coordinator and Ate Josie Cruz, Asst. PPC Coordinator

Finance Committee—Ate Tess Virata PPC Treasurer and Ate Mayette Tiongson

These different committees worked on their plans and activities. They will be responsible for ensuring the coordination and participation of all ministries and organizations in the activities lined up for the fiesta celebrations and the success of the events.

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