Saturday, February 9, 2013

Convent Roof Repairs Completed

2013 brings much hope to the parishioners of San Lorenzo Ruiz as the parish continues with improvements in its infrastructure.
Among the major thrusts of this project were the replacement of the old and worn out roof and ceiling of the convent. Started in late July 2012, the repairs of the parish convent is now in its final stages with the laying of tiles and painting of the attic left to be completed.

With the generous assistance of well-meaning parishioners and the volunteerism of its constituents, the refurbished convent roof now has been strengthened, the old wooden beams and trusses replaced with stronger and longer lasting steel members. As an added bonus, a fully functional attic was constructed which can eventually work as a secondary office and storage for the parish office’s important documents and records. In addition, the dirty kitchen at the back of the convent was also upgraded.

Of the total budgeted cost of P1.5M, the final cost came to P1.3M, saving the parish some P200 thousand which will now be used as seed fund for the renovation of the multi-purpose hall. The project was completed in 6 months. This project could not have been completed on time and on budget without the communal support of its parishioners, benefactors and parish leaders.

             Repaired Roof and Attic


           Storage area and  office space
Here is the (unaudited) financial report of the project as of January 31, 2013:

Funds Received P 1,541,477.07

Funds Disbursed   -1,333,659.00

    Net Funds     P    +207,818.07



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