Saturday, December 21, 2013


One early morning as I sat in my office getting ready for work and listening to classical music playing on the radio, the announcer came on air to say that Dr. Harold Sala’s program Guidelines was up next.

“Do not leave the baby in the manger.”  That was his message for all in preparation for the coming of the Christ.

At first I heard this from Dr. Sala, I just let it pass. A few moments after, it was repeated. But this time it caught my attention as something immediately struck me like a guitar string being plucked. I then listened to his talk, a short 5-minute one.

What did he mean? What was his message?

More than 2000 years ago, a little baby was born in the humblest of setting with only the animals, a few shepherds, three kings and his father and mother as witnesses.  That baby has long been gone, grew up a carpenter’s son, became a preacher and led a revolution.

He stirred the hearts of many. He touched the lives of many. He cured the sickness of many. He ultimately died for the sins of many. And he came for the salvation of all.

Do not let the baby remain in the manger. As we prepare for his coming, let us do our share to bring the good news to everyone. Let us share Christ with the less fortunate around us.

Christmas is the season for sharing. It is more for the other fellow than for us. It is who we should be in the eyes of God.

This Christmas, and everyday,  let not the baby remain in the manger.

Merry Christmas!

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