Sunday, March 23, 2014

Year of the Laity Launched in SLRP

Last Sunday, March 23, 2014, the parish formally launched the Year of the Laity (YOL) during the 10:00AM mass by Father JB Abellana together with the PPC EXECOM. FJB read the Bishop’s promulgation after which the PPC Chaircouple, Kuya Tony and Ate Lina Feliciano, unveiled the YOL banner in front of the congregation. PPC Asst Chaircouple Kuya Peter and Ate Lina Tamayo then read the explanation of the YOL.

FJB, in his homily, exhorted the laity on their role as active participants in the spiritual life of the parish and that without them, no matter how good the parish priest may be, the parish will not thrive. He emphasized that it is the active and communal participation of the laity that will make the parish a vibrant community serving and building one another as it journeys towards building God’s kingdom.

After the homily, FJB then proceeded to install the PPC EXECOM, the Heads of the different Commissions and the  Ministry Heads. They then professed their commitment to serve the parish in their capacity as lay leaders and promote Gospel evangelization throughout the parish. After Communion, Kuya Tony Feliciano led the Litany of Gratitude while Ate Lina Feliciano delivered their message for the occasion. A simple meal at the St. Joseph Hall followed. 


  1. Can you explain the meaning of the logo of the year of the laity? thx :)

  2. Hi Jesse,

    In response to Pope Francis' call for a new breed of Catholic evangelization, the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines, the governing ecclesiastical body of the catholic church in the Philippines, launched the Year of the Laity, calling on Catholics to be brave in proclaiming the gospel to everyone.

    About the YOL’s Logo, as described in the website: The heart in the “Choose to be Brave” symbolizes LOVE. The rays behind the hand symbolizes where the Laity can be found: in the world, from all walks of life. The open hand symbolizes the decision of the laity to respond to the call of the mission. It also symbolizes “generosity”. The rays symbolize the areas of the world where the Laity are called to bring the light of Christ. We are to “go out” and “make disciples”. The flame over the heart symbolizes the ardour that the Spirit of Jesus ignites in our hearts so that we may “choose to be brave.” (taken from the CBCP website).

    Thank you for your query and God bless.

    SLRP Website