Saturday, December 13, 2014

A Christmas Chorale Competition for Kristong Hari

Last December 132014, the parishes comprising the Vicariate of San Isidro Labrador joined forces and came up with a chorale songfest to support the building of the new Kristong Hari Parish Church and Shrine for the Youth, under the Chairmanship of Father JB Abellana, Vicar Forane, ably assisted by Fr. Roland Tuazon, Head of the Organizing Committee and Fr. Mark Cruz, Head of the Technical Committee. Various ministry representatives from the various parish organizations made up the different committees. The Vicariate of San Isidro Labrador is made up of the parishes of Our Lady of the Anunciation in Mindanao Avenue, Our Lady of Consolation in Mira Nila, St Joseph in Napocor Village, San Lorenzo Ruiz in Tierra Verde, Santuario de San Vicente de Paul in Tandang Sora and The Our Father in NIA Village.

The 2-hour chorale competition entitled "The King is Born" showcased the best of the vicariate's talented choirs. Bp. Tobias gave his Welcome Remarks to start the evening. This was followed by the Invocation led by Fr. JB Abellana, then by the introduction of the panel of judges. The competition immediately got underway with the Our Lady of the Anunciation chorale singing first, followed by San Lorenzo Ruiz, Our Lady of Consolation, San Vicente de Paul, The Our Father Parish, and St Joseph, in that order. Each group performed two numbers - the first was a warm-up number which was not scored and the second number, the competition piece. Interspersed were some special guest performances by the Deaf and Mute Foundation, a song number from the San Isidro Labrador Parish Youth Ministry and a dance number by the St. Joseph parish PYM Dance Crew.

Just before the announcement of the winners, Fr. Roland Jaluag, parish priest of Kristong Hari, gave his Thank You message for the support extended by  the vicariate to its ecclesial project.

All the groups gave their best and all were champions in their own right, but, as in all competitions, there had to be a winner. Overall Champion was the San Vicente de Paul Parish Chorale, followed by St. Joseph Parish Chorale in second place and Our Lady of the Anunciation Parish Chorale taking third place.To cap the show, all the choirs came together in the Tutti number as they regaled the audience with their joint  rendition of popular Christmas songs. 

Congratulations to all the performers as they gave their best, all for the glory of God and their desire to contribute to the building of the Kristong Hari Parish Church and Shrine for the Youth.

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