Saturday, February 4, 2017

PPC Holds 1-Day 2017 Planning Session

Last February 4, the PPC, led by its new parish priest, Fr. Aloisio Back, his two assistant priests, and the PPC EXECOM, held its 2017 planning session in a one-day activity at the Dehon House Formation Center in Tierra Verde 2. It began with the Liturgy of the Hours and then followed by a short inspirational talk by Fr. Al.

Kuya Peter, PPC Head, formally opening the session
The planning session proper was formally opened by Kuya Peter Tamayo, current PPC Chairperson. He gave the council an overview of the activities to be undertaken during the session and the objectives of the participants for this year's parochial plans, in the light of the 30th Founding of the Parish, and at the same time, the 30th Year of Canonization of San Lorenzo Ruiz, the patron saint of the parish.

The morning was dedicated mostly to the presentations of the 2016 accomplishments and 2017 plans of the various ministries and organizations. Ate Josie Cruz presented the consolidated acivities of the Worship Ministries, namely the LECOM, EMHC, MBG and Music Ministry. Kuya Al Yap then presented those for the Grow in Faith ministries, namely the CatMin, Religious, Legion of Mary, Parish Youth Ministry and the Mass Media Ministry.

For the Social Action group, Ate Heidi and Kuya Boy Temporal presented those for SSDM and the BEC. Kuya Cesar Tiongson, on the other hand, made the presentation for the Parish Finance Council.

For other ministries and organizations, Ate Lou Sarmiento presented for the AP and Ate Mary Macalino for the CFC.

A key emphasis of the various presentations were the identification of the issues, concerns and challenges that the various ministries are facing.

The rest of the morning and most of the afternoon were spent in small group discussions with the participants separated into three: Group 1 - Worship, Group 2 - Grow in Faith and Group 3 - all the others). Main emphasis on the small group discussions were defining the top issues, concerns and challenges facing their group and coming up with recommendations and possible solutions to address them. During the afternoon presentations by the three groups, there ensued a lively and free-flowing discussion, debates and exchange of ideas with the aim of identifying the root problems that need to be addressed.

Towards the latter part of the afternoon, Fr. Al presented his views on the need to look back at the parish vision and mission statements and see if these are still valid ideals for the parish as it turns thirty years this year. He also expounded on the Christian virtues and values (prudence, temperance, courage, justice, faith, hope and love) and determine which of these should form the core values of the parish.

The group in one of the bonding activities
In the end, there were a lot to take home  from this activity in terms of ideas, thoughts, discussions, values formation that Fr. Al and the council need to think through prayerfully and discern. In his parting words, Fr. Al enjoined everyone to give themselves a month to internalize all the discussions and action items, discern and pray for guidance that indeed the decisions arrived at are the right ones for the parish, and in conscience, all can come to agree on.

The planning ended with the Holy Mass, a few bonding games care of Ate Josie, before a sumptuous buffet dinner.

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