Friday, August 7, 2009

Ministry of Mass Media

The Ministry of Mass Media (MMM) of the San Lorenzo Ruiz Parish (SLRP) is a newly organized service arm of the Parish Pastoral Council (PPC). It was conceptualized in the latter half of 2007 when the PPC was undergoing its reorganization and was commissioned in December 9, 2007.

The ministry is the public information arm of the PPC with the following objectives:
1) Prepare templates and project audio-visual presentations during anticipated Saturday and Sunday masses in church;
2) Inform parishioners of the activities and programs of the PPC, the different ministries and organizations;
3) Gather news and events in the parish;
4) Publish the parish newsletter and fiesta souvenir program; and
5) Report the financial standing of the different ministries.

The MMM is made up mostly of dedicated, driven and God-centered young men and women committed to bringing the message of God’s salvaton to every corner of the parish and keeping everyone informed of parish happenings. It is the ministry’s small way of helping the parish priest and the PPC build a community that is alive, awake and active in building God’s heaven in SLRP.

MMM Officers

Coordinators: Al and Karen Yap
Assistant Coordinators: Mon and Mavic MontaƱez
Secretary: Cora Pangyarihan
Treasurer: Anton Mamawag
Finance Coordinator: Josie Cruz
Editor-in-Chief: Kate Geronimo
Art Director: Joseph Abarado
Website Developer: Gino Luis Velasquez
Adviser: Catalina Feliciano

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