Tuesday, April 6, 2010

SLRP Installs Reconstituted PPC on Easter Sunday

What better way to start the new Easter season than with the installation of the new leaders of the lay organizations in SLRP. Last Easter morning, the new officers of the Parish Pastoral Council and the WESTM heads were installed in their new posts. Heading the PPC for the next year are the following: PPC Coordinator: Kuya Cesar and Ate Mayette Tiongson PPC Asst Coordinator: Ate Josie Cruz Secretary: Ate Bel Geronimo Asst Secretary: Ate Lina Tamayo Treasurer*: Ate Shirley Ruiz Asst Treasurer: Ate Elsa Maskarino Auditor: Kuya Buddy Lising Asst Auditor: Kuya Peter Tamayo Worship Head: Ate Aida Arines Education Head: Ate Ruby Almazan Social Services: Kuya Boy and Ate Heidi Temporal Temporalities*: Ate Shirley Ruiz Mass Media: Kuya Al and Ate Karen Yap Father Luke administered the oath-taking of the newly installed officers of the PPC and admonished them to work together for the growth and development of SLRP. Kuya Cesar and Ate Mayette, as the new PPC Coordinators, on the other hand, enjoined everyone, parish workers and parishioners alike, to journey with the new PPC in making SLRP a community working together for the common good of the parish and its endeavors.

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  1. Congratulations to the parishioners of SLRP. Very well developed website. I like the news and information provided and, the pictures of the very happy and joyous people behind the parish organizations. Keep it up.