Friday, August 6, 2010

Senior Citizens Hold Special Day

By Aida Arines

Last July 31, Fr, Luke initiated a Senior Citizens Day which started with a Holy Mass at 6:30 am. There were about 30-40 senior citizens who attended the mass together with the regular church goers. Fr. Luke blessed everyone with holy water after the mass as he went around the massgoers.

A hearty breakfast meal of delicious macaroni soup, pandesal and coffee courtesy of Fr. Luke, was served by Fr. Luke himself. Ate Thelsa Tongol brought lugaw and Ate Lulu Visaya brought bananas too. Some of the pastoral workers helped serve the food as the elders enjoyed their meal.

For their entertainment, Ate Cora Pangyarihan serenaded them with songs of yesteryears accompanied by Anjo Santiago on keyboards. Both are from the Gospel choir. The senior citizens loved the music as they themselves joined in the singing of our popular Filipino love song “Dahil Sa ‘Yo.

The activity included bible/faith sharing facilitated by Ate Lulu Visaya, a senior citizen herself. There was also a film showing of the works/paintings of the late artist, Joey Velasco, with Fr. Luke explaining the meaning and relevance of his works.

Towards the end, Ate Fe Abarado shared her time by taking blood pressure readings of those who wished. She also distributed pedometers to the participants for healthy walking purposes.

This activity is just the start for them to enjoy their senior years as they eagerly await Fr. Luke's announcement of their next scheduled get together.

It's so good to see them all smile and enjoy one another's company!!!!

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