Tuesday, August 3, 2010

SLRP Attends Vicariate Orientation

by Kuya Al Yap

Last Thursday, July 29, amidst strong rains and flash floods, the Vicariate of San Isidro Labrador held its vicariate orientation as part of the overall diocesan initiative to streamline the organization and communication within the diocese, its vicariates and parishes.

The orientation was conducted by Rev. Fr. Tony Labiao, the Vicar General for Pastoral Affairs of the Diocese of Novaliches. He gave an overview of what a parish is and its interrelation with the larger communities such as the vicariate and the diocese itself. He also expounded on the direction of the diocese in creating and fostering more effective and parish-attuned pastoral teams. Foremost in Fr. Tony's presentation was the focus of the diocesan pastoral setup on the creation and sustenance of Basic Ecclesial Communities (BECs) throughout the diocese. He also emphasized the diocesan direction-setting role in guiding the pastoral projects and activities of the parishes. He then presented the various recommended organizational setup (ministries and organizations) for the vicariate and pastoral teams.

A workshop immediately followed after Fr. Tony's presentation. Breaking up the participants from the different parishes in the vicariate into eight groups ( the Worship Ministry, Educational Ministry, Youth Ministry, Family Life Ministry, Temporalities, Social Services Ministry, BEC and PPC Leaders), they were asked to look at their particular ministry, discuss its current status and identify programs and projects that can be jointly pursued in line with the vicariate pastoral objectives. A representative from each ministry was asked to present these to the body after which they were submitted to the diocese for consolidation and reporting.

It was a successful and productive meeting for all representatives of the different parishes in the vicariate, especially with the full support and presence of all of the parish priests. PPC officers and ministry representatives from the parishes of Our Lady of the Annunciation, Jesus Lord of Divine Mercy, San Isidro Labrador, San Lorenzo Ruiz and the host, Our Lady of Consolation were in attendance.

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