Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Parish Remembers Ondoy One Year After

As a fitting remembrance of the fateful event one year ago, the Ministry of Mass Media, through the pastoral guidance of its parish priest, Fr. Luke, prepared a 5-minute audio-video presentation on Ondoy and its impact on our parish. The video captured the helplessness of the parish as flood waters inundated the church and its surroundings. Amidst the devastation wrought by Ondoy, it did not dampen the spirits of the people as they slowly cleaned up the damage caused by the typhoon.

One year after the fury of Ondoy, it was a different fiesta atmosphere that pervaded the parish as it celebrated God's bountiful blessings under clear skies and a festive atmosphere of songs, dances and prayers in thanksgiving. Throughout all masses on September 25 and 26, the video was played in commemoration of a people's resilience, courage and communitarian spirit as they rose from the ruins of the flood to rebuild the SLRP church, God's altar of thanksgiving and togetherness. In Fr. Luke's message in last Sunday's masses, he said and I paraphrase him, "Ondoy brought out the community spirit of the parishioners. Today, we have a new parish, with its ministries and organizations, working to continually build itself, a community helping one another in fraternal brotherhood."

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