Tuesday, September 28, 2010

SLRP Community Comes Alive on Parish Night

In the true spirit of bayanihan, the parish workers of SLRP gathered together last September 25 for a night of fun, enjoyment and entertainment. This is the parish' way of rewarding its workers for all the hard work and community building of the past year. Traditionally set for the eve of the parish fiesta, the same occasion marked the one year anniversary of the Ondoy tragedy.

The affair began with the celebration of the mass and the faithful's thanksgiving for all the blessings and graces the parish has been receiving from the Almighty. In most masses during the fiesta weekend, a 5-minute video presentation entitled Ondoy, which was specially prepared by the SLRP Ministry of Mass Media, was shown as a fitting reminder to all of our weaknesses and God's greatness. Fr. Luke, in his fiesta message, underscored the parish resilience and oneness as he recalled the parishioners' spontaneous response to the crisis of a year ago that helped strengthened the parish, physically and spiritually.

After the mass, the fun, pomp and pageantry began. In a 3-hour vaudavillesque extravaganza, the parish workers gave their all as they performed in a variety of musical numbers. Majority of the ministries and organizations counted themselves in as they performed the following: (1) Catechetical Ministry with their swinging dance number to the tune of Sway by Michael Buble, (2) the Junior Legionnaires with their angelic voices and interpretative song rendition, (3) the Block Rosary Crusade, with their dance number to the tune of Every Breath You Take, (4) the Apostleship of Prayer, with their Michael Jackson medley dance number, (5) the Social Services Development Ministry,with their dance number to the tune of Celebration, (6) the Mother Butler Guild, with their grass skirts and graceful bodies dancing to a remix of Pearly Shells-Tiny Bubbles, (7) the Ministry of the Word, with their fastbeat dance number cum fashion show, (8) the Parish Pastoral Council, with their 80s remix dance number of Uptown Girl-Footloose, (9) the Couples For Christ, with their dance number to the tune of Crazy Little Thing called Love, (10) the Hapag-Asa kids, with their song interpretation of Malayo Pa Ang Umaga, (11) the Enzo Choir with their hiphop dance medley, (12) the Himig Sanlo with their dance remix number, and (13) the Lay Ministers with their geisha-inspired interpretation of the song Babae Po Ako.

Two audio video presentations were shown. The repeat showing of Ondoy that started the first half of show and the Parish Youth Ministry video entitled "Does Anybody Hear her?" that started the second half. To entertain the audience during the intermission, there was a magic show by Nap Perez while Fr. Luke's nephew, a special child sang a heartwarming song entitled I'll Never Go.

The winners to the san Lorenzo Ruiz Trivia Contest were also awarded their prizes that night. Each winner went home with a wall clock and a bag of medicines. To add to the excitement and enjoyment, there were lots of door prizes and raffle prizes awarded that evening. All in all, it was a great night of communitarian get together for the parishioners. The level and quality of the performances were definitely a great improvement from two years ago. As the curtains fell that Saturday night and the memories began, I am pretty sure everyone's already looking forward to next year's get together. And as I recall the title of a movie I saw many years ago, I say we'll see each other same time next year. Lights out!

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