Wednesday, September 29, 2010

SLRP Well Represented at National Laity Week Mass

Last September 27, Bp. Antonio Tobias, together with representative clergies from the different parishes, led the celebration of the Holy Mass at the Our Lady of Consolation Parish Church in Mira Nila Homes during the opening day of the weeklong National Laity Week activities in the Diocese of Novaliches. Present also was a sizeable congregation representing the lay people from different parishes in the diocese headed by Sis. Lita Macalaguim, the incumbent Chairperson of the Council of the Laity of Novaliches (CLaN).

In his homily, the good bishop emphasized the relevance of the readings (Job 1:6-22) where Job lost everything he possessed - land, animals, and his children, yet he still continued to praise God. Further on, he relates this to the communal togetherness of the early Christian communities, where there was no distinction between matters pertaining to God and matters pertaining to man. He specifically instigated the congregation (especially the laity who serve in church) to be involved in all aspects of human endeavor, particularly the forthcoming political exercise, and not just keep themselves to church activities. The laity must be counted on to give of themselves in the coming elections.

On the part of the SLRP, a large delegation of more than 30 parishioners attended the mass, led by our parish priest, Fr. Luke, our PPC Chaircouple Kuya Cesar and Ate Mayette Tiongson, members of the PPC and the religious. The SLRP Grand Choir sang during the mass.

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