Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Vicar Forane Presides Fiesta High Mass

This year's fiesta high mass was different from fiesta masses celebrated in the past. For one, it was our Vicar Forane, Rev. fr. Nonette Legaspi, parish priest of the Jesus Lord of Divine Mercy parish in Mapaya Village, who presided the mass. Traditionally it is the Bishop of Novaliches.

The mass started with the entrance of the image of our patron San Lorenzo borne by lay ministers representatives with MBG ladies dancing in caracol fashion. This was followed by theprocession of the altar servers, the MOW lectors, the lay ministers and the priest presiders.

In his homily, Fr. Nonette delved on the spirit of the gospel reflecting on the contrast between the poor beggar Zaccheus and the rich man who feasted daily. As much as the message of the parable was implicit on the sins of omission and commission, its specific message centered on the sin of gluttony. As Fr. Nonette expounded on this, he presented the different forms of gluttony, which according to his homily, did not only mean eating too much. Gluttony can also be manifested in our excessive desires and wants which go beyond what we need. He exhorts the faithful to examine themselves and reflect on their lifestyles to see how each and everyone may have indulged in excess. In the end, he counsels all to temper their desires, take only what is needed and share with the less fortunate their extra blessings from the Lord.

After the mass, there was a hearty buffet of street food for one and all to partake in. "Oops! Didn't Fr. Nonette say temper one's desires?" Well maybe it's ok just this time. Happy fiesta everyone.

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