Tuesday, October 26, 2010

PPCRV Called Again To Service

Barely able to rest after the last poll duty in May of this year, the PPCRV was again called to service as the citizens' arm in the just concluded Synchronized Barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan Elections last October 25, 2010. Armed with its hopeful desire for positive political change and its objective determination for a clean and peaceful elections, some 50 or so volunteers gathered at the parish hall before sunrise to, once again, perform their volunteer duty. After the communion service for the volunteers and a hearty breakfast of adobo rice and egg, the volunteers were given their final briefing and precinct assignments just as the first rays of the sun brought in the new day. By quarter of six, the volunteers proceeded to the Culiat High School for active duty.

Upon arrival, the Volunteers Assistance Desk (VAD) was set up with the voters' lists, laptops and precinct directories made ready for the arrival of the electorate. After the courtesy call on the High School Principal, it was time for the Pollwatchers to proceed to their respective precincts to await the formal start of the election.

Soon as the bell sounded at 7 o'clock, the VAD went on full gear as it took on the early morning rush of voters. There were some confusion among the voters as some of them thought they were to vote in the same rooms they voted in during the national elections last May. For some this was so but for many there was a change of classroom. Majority of the voters came during the early morning but was not sustained. By mid-morning there was just the trickle of voters until the close of elections at 3:00PM. Overall, the conduct of the election was peaceful and orderly. Except for isolated cases of voter identity verification, missing voters' names, duplicate voter's name, the voting was generally successful. The voter turnout, at probably less than 30%, was quite low.

To all PPCRV Volunteers, congratulations on another job well done! May our tribe increase and spread to more parishioners. Until the next assignment, you all deserve a pat on the back and a celebration!

For this local election, the PPCRV set up its own unofficial computerized tally count. Soon as the canvassing began and the precinct count underway, the PPCRV did its own parallel canvassing. As each precinct completed its count, the assigned PPCRV pollwatcher got a copy of the voting results and forwarded it to the VAD where a computerized tally count was done. By 10:30PM, the last of the 60 or so precincts' results was entered and the unofficial election result immediately obtained. Here are the unofficial results of the PPCRV count:


1 GARCIA, Jaime Puno 2320
2 BERNARDO, Victor Damaso 1978
3 MANIQUIZ, Rolando Muyot 301
4 MAPANDI, Halil Nuska


1 ESTEBAN, Diana Perater 4002
2 BONDAD, Rolando Gajudo 3637
3 CUADRA, Eliseo San Miguel 3630
4 ZIPAGAN, Corazon Venturina 3386
5 PAEL, Jose Abagao 3018
6 BALONZO, Jerrylin Jordan 3012
7 DIAZ, Ma. Edelfa dela Cruz 2974
8 DELA PENA, Jenice Ann Camaro 2822
9 TURLA, Ronald Allan Hernaez 2440
10 DAVID, Remedios Pusag 2204
11 SEVIDAL, Melinda Cesar 2018
12 ENCINARES, Lolita Rondolos 1823
13 PASCUA, Salvador Pineda 1805
14 IBRAHIM, Malik Maliga 1755
15 MAKIMKIM, Jose Cristobal 1497
16 BAUTISTA, Renato Roc 1281
17 DUNLUAN, Albert Lagrosas 1234
18 TUDIO, Claro Gomez 732
19 MIRANDILLA, Cezar Gupit 704
20 MANAWIS, Ma. Cecilia Sayan 626
21 SISON, Adora Evangelista 607
22 SALIK, Abdulkahar Mendoza 596
23 DISCAYA, Renato Magalong 525
24 BATISLA-ONG, Lourdes Depallo 521
25 BONDOC, Renato Garcia 504
26 DACARA, Josevidal Curativo 472
27 ISIDRO, Eric Hilario 471
28 MACATIAG, Oscar de Fiesta 421
29 BALCE, Eduardo Jardin 402
30 DOCOT, Virgilio Llorin 399
31 DOLDOLEA, Ernesto Rapada 377
32 CRISOSTOMO, Alfredo Apalin 358
33 PARDO, Gerardo Lausin 333
34 BUMBAUA, Danilo Danao 319
35 MEDIANISTA, Rodrigo Docio


  1. Galing galing ng Teamwork!!! Congrats!
    Comment lang why the posted picture mukhang disorganized!!!!

  2. Thank you for giving your time for the Love of God and Barangay Culiat. Keep it up and TEAM BERNARDO will also continue to serve our constituents. Ron Turla Community Leader and Event Organizer