Friday, December 17, 2010

Fr. Luke Blesses the Youth as SLRP Launches the Year of the Youth

December 16, the start of the traditional Simbang Gabi, marked not only the annual commemoration of National Youth Day by the local church in the Philippines but this year also begins the yearlong program of awareness about the youth and and their importance to the life and activity of the Church. CBCP Episcopal Commission on the Youth Chairman and Legaspi Bishop Joel Baylon said "By our witness, let us help the young in our midst—in our homes, schools, communities, etc.—to find God in their lives and generously answer His call to service and love."

Fr. Luke called all the youth who attended the first simbang gabi masses to the altar and read a brief message from Novaliches Bishop Antonio Tobias exhorting them to walk the way of Christ and be active workers in church activities. He then asked the congregation to join him in praying for the youth and then he gave them his blessing.

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