Monday, March 14, 2011

SLRP Holds Youth Forum

Last March 11, barely a few days into the Lenten Season, the Parish Pastoral Council and the Parish Youth Ministry, together with about 40 members of the youth and some parish elders, gathered around a bonfire for an evening of open discussion revolving mainly on the aspirations of the young people of the parish.

The Youth Forum, as it was called, was an offshoot of post-mortem evaluation of the participation of the youth in parish activities and projects. As an important and growing segment of the parish, the youth in the recent past had been involved in a number of activities and projects where their participation is needed. This has given rise to conflicting commitments and priorities among the different youth groups.

With this year as the Year of the Youth, this forum is a timely response to the Youth's clamor to give focus to their needs as a group and as a vital arm of the parish. With the joint efforts of the PPC, our parish priest and the youth leaders, this youth forum became a reality. The youth were given their day to be heard. They eagerly and candidly expressed their concerns, needs and aspirations which the parish elders appreciatively listened to.

After a long evening of open discussions, the gathering ended at close to midnight with a prayer of hope for the youth and their future in the parish continue to prosper.

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