Friday, April 22, 2011

SLRP Holds Soledad Procession

This year's Holy week activities saw the parish being introduced to the Soledad, a solemn procession depicting Mary's search for her crucified Son. This procession immediately followed the Santo Entierro procession. For the SLRP community, the parishioners were eager to join as this was something new for them, something to deepen further their devotion. The LOM spearheaded this year's initial inclusion of the Soledad.

The procession wound its way around Tierra Verde 1 subdivision, with three families offering their homes as kubols where Mary would stop to look for her Son. In the first kubol, the scene depicted the youth, immersed in their "sinful" activities - drugs, alcohol, playing computer games, partying, etc. The second kubol showed married couples engaged in gambling and drinking. In the third kubol, the senior citizens and the old folks were seen gathered together in a "home for the aged" - too old to do much, pre-occupied with their own needs for attention, medication and companionship.

In all of these kubols, Mama Mary would stop and ask "Were you there when they crucified my Son?" to which all groups replied they have not. Then the search continues until Mary reaches the place where she sees the empty cross with only the nails and the crown of thorns at its feet. Here is where she is "meets" her Son or, rather, the painful reminders of what her Son went through.

This is the prelude to the Salubong where Mary, after her search, finally meets her Son, the resurrected Christ, on Easter Sunday.

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