Friday, May 13, 2011

Alay Lakad - Pilgrimage to Antipolo

Last Friday, May 13, was the start of this year's Alay Lakad kay Maria, the Youth's annual pilgrimage to Antipolo. But this time there was a break from tradition as the walk started from the EDSA Shrine instead of from the parish itself. All participants converged in Ortigas with those coming from the parish being transported to Ortigas courtesy of Germalin Enterprises, the Zenits and some PPC members.

At 8 o'clock on that Friday night, and with the heavens overcast, the organizers were very pleased to see more than a hundred participants, the largest participation so far of pilgrims in this annual event. After the briefing conducted by the PYM, headed by Ate Cora Pangyarihan, Father Luke gave the blessing to all before the participants boarded their vehicles for the ride to EDSA Shrine.

The procession was underway at a little past 10PM, wended its way through Ortigas Ave all the way up to the Cathedral of Antipolo. Along the way, the participants stopped at each of the 20 stations representing the mysteries of the rosary - from the Joyful mysteries, to the Mysteries of the Light, to the Sorrowful mysteries and finally the Glorious mysteries. At each of the stations, a ministry led in the recitation of the rosary. After a 7-hour walk, the pilgrims, tired, hungry, sweating and with bodies aching, reached the cathedral at about 5AM on Saturday morning. This allowed them just a little less than an hour to rest, take a quick catnap and prepare for the 6AM mass which the parish sponsored. Various worship ministries served during the mass which was presided by Father Luke. These were the altar servers, lectors and commentator, lay ministers and the music ministry.

The pilgrimage ended with a hearty breakfast of lugaw followed by a souvenir picture. With the full support of Fr. Luke, the PPC, the PYM and the various ministries, it was a success. Hopefully, next year's pilgrimage will even be a bigger one.

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