Saturday, August 27, 2011

Munting Lakan At Lakambini ng SLRP

The search is on!

Last August 13, the PPC, through its Committee on Non-Liturgical activities and upon the direction of Fr. Luke, launched the search for the Munting Lakan at Lakambini ng Sanlo, a fund-raising campaign to raise needed financial support for the renovation of the church storeroom and the construction of a new meeting hall for the growing community of SLRP.

Five pairs of boys and girls aged 5-12 years old, were fielded by different ministries as Lakan and Lakambini candidates, and were presented to the parishioners in selected masses last August 28. To raise funds, these candidates together with the ministries assigned to support them, are to sell tickets costing P20 each. The more tickets sold, the more funds raised. The pair that raises the most amount will be crowned Munting Lakan and Lakambini during Parish Night. There will be trophies and other prizes for the winners. The real winner however would be our own parish which will soon sport a newly renovated “Simbodega”. The pairs are:

Tandem 1
Ladan Andales & Karl Sebastian Tan Ng Gui
(Sponsored by the AP, MBG and Music Ministry)

Tandem 2
Sarah Nicole Yadao & Vladimir Beldeniza
(Sponsored by the SSDM and CFC)

Tandem 3
Audrey Anne Vianzon & Ernesto Jesus Angelo Bautista V
(Sponsored by the EMHC, LECOM and MAS)

Tandem 4
Anne Cuadra & Gabriel Paolo Antonio
(Sponsored by the MMM, PYM and Knights of Columbus)

Tandem 5
Michelle Berylle Santos & Ruiz Kassel Mapanoo
(Sponsored by the Catechists, BRC and LOM)

The PPC and the Organizing Committee under Fr. Luke fervently hope that the community of San Lorenzo will, as usual, come together and join this fun and worthy exercise.

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