Friday, September 9, 2011

SLRP Pastoral Leaders Attend Servant Leadership Talk

Last September 9, invited leaders from the parishes of San Isidro Labrador Vicariate gathered at Our Lady of Consolation parish for a talk by Monsignor Romy Ranada on a very relevant topic Servant Leadership. The whole talk centered on following the example of Jesus as found in the Bible passage from John 13:1-17.

According to Msgr. Ranada, Jesus espoused a suffering type of leadership as he gave himself as an example for all at the washing of the feet when He said… “what I have done to you too should do to each other”. This is the kind of leadership He wants us to follow... to humble ourselves as parish leaders and followers for no servant is greater than his master nor the messenger greater than the sender of the message. We are all messengers of Christ's message and servants of the Lord.

He further gave the congregation some guidelines as parish leaders:

1. Read the Bible. Get to know Jesus. Understand the Gospels.

2. Pray..pray..pray. The more responsibilities one has, the more he needs to pray.

3. Be humble in everything you do, especially as leaders. Do not be self-conscious. Have the right EGO (Exalting God Only rather than Edging God Out).

4. Be generous. Give of your time, talent and treasure.

He ended his talk with the community singing of The Servant Song.

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