Saturday, September 24, 2011

PYM Holds Amazing Race 2011

What could dark clouds, an overcast sky and a bunch of determined and charged youngsters come to? You guessed it— a perfect day for an amazing race of speed, accuracy, spirituality, inteliggence, strong stomachs and team work.

Last September 24, four teams of 5 members each, participated in the race and tried to outdo each other. Scattered all over the five areas of the parish were six different challenges that each team had to go through on their way to the finish line. The race was not solely based on the fastest team but on how well they performed the tasks at each of the control points. There were challenges that tested their speed, their intelligence, their stomachs, their knowledge of the Catholic faith and their fears.

The overall winner was the team of Abigail Panajon, Chrissel Tamayo, Danielle Beldeniza and Rogel Quintero. They won two large boxes of pizza and the Grand Prize trophy for their efforts.

Spearheaded by the Parish Youth Ministry, the amazing race ended with everyone taking home some prizes, not to mention the fun and camaraderie. This fun race could not have been successful without the full support of all those who donated the prizes and helped in the procurement and preparation of the various game paraphernalia.

Despite the rainy weather, the bright and warm atmosphere among the teams and the organization could not dampen the enthusiasm of the youngsters from enjoying the day.

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