Saturday, October 8, 2011

SLRP Delegation Attends Grand Rosary Rally

By Ate Aida Arines
Worship Ministry

Last October 8, 2011, a Grand Rosary Rally sponsored by the Family Rosary Crusade in the Philippines and in cooperation with UST, was held in front of the main building, participated in by parishes from different dioceses together with religious priests and nuns belonging to different congregations.

A delegation from San Lorenzo Ruiz Parish led by Fr. Luke joined the event commemorating the 60th (1951-2011) Anniversary of the Family Rosary Crusade initiated by the late Fr. Patrick Peyton.

The festivities started at 4pm with joyful songs of praise and dances by the youth from different Marian groups. A brief history of the apparition of the Lady of Fatima was narrated to recall the relevance and meaning of the Holy Rosary...Unity in Christ in praying the rosary.

When the Image of Our Lady of La Naval arrived after a brief procession, the rosary was recited, led by assigned prayer leaders. In between the decades and before each mystery, different personalities shared their faith experience with the Holy Rosary followed by a song from different singers like Fatima Soriano and Jose Marie Chan and his daughter.

A Dominican nun shared her story of conversion from being an INC to becoming a nun which paved the way also for the conversion of her whole family who became evangelizers themselves. Chinchin Gutierrez also shared how she never lost hope despite all the tragedies and misfortunes she experienced.

The Holy Rosary was recited basically in English, however some decades were prayed in Tagalog and also in the Visayan dialect. After the rosary was the Coronation of the Lady followed by a floral offering and the celebration of the Holy Eucharist.

This tribute to the Blessed Virgin Mary during the month of October, the month of the Holy Rosary, is a devotion and a reminder for all Catholics and devotees that Mama Mary loves us and will always intercede and pray for us. It is also to remember the memory of the late Fr. Patrick Peyton, who reminded us that . .

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