Friday, October 28, 2011

Time to Move On

By Kuya Cesar Tiongson
Outgoing PPC Coordinator

It was exactly twenty one months ago when Ate Mayette and I humbly accepted the offer of Father Luke to be the Parish Pastoral Council Coordinator of San Lorenzo Ruiz. In my short message during the Easter Sunday mass of that year I can very well remember what I said, “Please join us in our journey to build a community of San Lorenzo.” I said those words because I know that we can do nothing without the help of the parishioners. The second reason is, during that time I did not even know how the pastoral council worked. With God’s grace, twenty one busy months passed, with various projects and activities, and never had we felt alone even once in that journey.

Holy week, sacerdotal ordination, PPCRV in two elections, simbang gabi, tribute to pearl wedding anniversary celebrators, RH Bill rally, pilgrimage to Laguna churches, tribute to graduates, tributes to life, the fiesta, the bodega and many other activities kept us occupied these last 21 months. I cannot remember a single month that we were not busy with some activity. Looking back, I sometimes tell myself that to have accomplished all of these successfully a miracle must have happened to us every month.

Though we can all be proud of these accomplishments, never can we be boastful. Yes, we have done a lot of things, but a second look will tell us that what we have done is just a very small part of the things that still need to be done for San Lorenzo Ruiz community.

Let us not miss the point that behind our travel in our pilgrimage, the fun in celebrating wedding anniversaries, honoring our babies and graduates, and enjoying our pandesal over hot coffee during dawn masses, the true reason for these activities is to know one another, understand one another, help one another in times of need so that eventually we can build our dream community.

For me, a community goes beyond the rubbing of elbows. It is the parishioners being spiritually one in faith with God, caring for one another, and working together unconditionally for our church. The activities we have engaged in these past months are a good start to make this dream become a reality, but I must admit, we have just started. This is the challenge that awaits the new PPC leadership, to “build one community of San Lorenzo Ruiz Parish.”

Now the time has come for us to hand over the council to the new officers. With Kuya Tony and Ate Lina Feliciano, supported by Kuya Peter and Ate Lina Tamayo, helping Father Luke in running our church, I have no doubt that that dream community will be a reality. With the wisdom of the Felicianos and the energy of the Tamayos I am sure that the work of Father Luke in the coming days will be much easier.

For Ate Mayette and me, the last 21 months will be one of the most memorable parts of our life, memorable because you were all with us when we needed your help. Each one of you not only joined us, but even guided us in our journey. Those things, we will never forget… “At sa lahat ng taga San Lorenzo Ruiz Parish na nakasama namin - Maraming Salamat Po!”

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