Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Hidden God

By Ate Virgie Santos

SLRP Catechist

On my way to a formation seminar for catechists at the Diocese of Novaliches, I marveled, and was suddenly engulfed in faith, at the true presence of God through Christ all over. All around me (Nature, the air, the people, even the empty space) I felt God’s living presence and it increased my faith greatly.

Once again, it became clear to me how God had created us. He shaped, fashioned and molded us through His hands from His own image and likeness. He shared His life, spirit and breath to give life to our first parents, Adam and Eve, which was passed on through the generations to us. Therefore God is not only love but life and that all men alive are with God.

Yes, the existence of God is indeed a mystery for nobody has seen God. But because of His love, He planted the seed of faith in all, to believe in His invisible existence. The remaining doubts about His presence is dispelled with Christ - the God who became man, lived among us, and continues to live in us through the Blessed Sacrament, the Holy Eucharist, the hidden Savior, the hidden God. This is the reason why the name of Jesus Christ continues to echo all over the earth, to those whom He chooses to spread His words and works. His Word and His compassion are offered to all especially to the lowest of His people.

Once when I was pouring out all my sentiments before the Blessed Sacrament I felt then that He was nowhere. At that time I just lost my parents, two brothers, two sisters-in-law within a few years of each other. At the same time my own family was beset with problems. I was totally devastated. While praying I said, “Please God, make me feel Your love”, thinking and expecting that He will favor me with granting even one of my petitions. But the language of God differs from ours. I suddenly felt a heaviness in my chest that seemed to crush me. I could hardly breathe and said “Lord I cannot breathe.” Then my breathing returned to normal and I got His message which was “No one in his mortal body can hold and carry God’s love in his heart for He tremendously suffered, was crucified and died, then rose back to life for our sake.”

This is the totality of His great and mysterious love for men. Indeed God continues to love even in the midst of the tribulations and turmoil of life. We need only to trust in God and love one another. Let us please God through Christ. Remember, we can never outdo the generosity of God. Our reward in heaven is worth more than a hundredfold of what we give in this life. I wish you good luck in pleasing Christ for the glory and honor of God, especially this Christmas season.

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