Sunday, February 19, 2012

Renewal of Wedding Vows Renewal of Wedding Vows Renewal of Wedding Vows

By Kuya Cesar and Ate Mayette Tiongson, Family & LIfe

The Family & Life Ministry of SLRP launched its series of marriage enrichment activities through a renewal of wedding vows in all the masses last February 18 & 19. About 90 couples participated in the event. Out of this, 72 couples who came early had the opportunity to have their photos taken at a specially prepared booth. We noted that after Father Luke emphasized that the renewal is similar to the annual celebration of one’s birthday, there were couples, who, though they were not able to register, joined the renewal exercise. The event aimed to deepen and preserve the conjugal and intimate relationship between husband and wife.

In the rite of renewal, Fr. Luke asked each spouse to place the wedding chord on the other. Lighted candles were held by each couple as first the husbands, then the wives confirmed their vows*. Fr. Luke then blessed them. All the couples received communion under double species.

The pastoral workers had their renewal especially scheduled during the anticipated mass which was followed by a short fellowship at the multipurpose hall. Cake and wine were shared by all after a short interactive game.

The event was a success because of the help of Ate Shirley Ruiz, Ate Bel, Kuya Fred, the Couples for Christ, the Music Ministry, the MMM, the PYM, the MBG, the LeCom, the SSDM, the Worship Committee, the PPC and all those who shared their treasure thru their Love Offering.

Sa Inyong Lahat, Maraming Salamat Po!

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