Friday, February 24, 2012

SLRP PREX Weekend Seminar Moving On

By Ate Bel Geronimo, PREX Secretariat

If we really let God take over, with faith through obedience and piety, everything will proceed even beyond our expectations. After the sponsoring class, PREX 94 dwindled to but a handful, the prospects for the succeeding class at first did not seem too encouraging. But armed with a lot of prayers and God’s grace, in the presence of the ever-reliable and hardworking auxiliaries, Fr. Luke and the people who continue to support it, PREX No. 95 went on successfully as scheduled on February 24 – 26, 2012.

Kuya Ed and Ate Hermie Chua acted as Lead Couple, Kuya Joi and Ate Cecil Lumba as Asst. Lead and Kuya Toto and Ate Cel as Understudy Asst. Lead with the rest of the Prex Secretariat overseeing the smooth flow of the activities.

PREX No. 95 yielded a harvest of 23 graduates, the highest since PREX resumed in November 2011. Hopefully and by faith this batch would mean more workers in the Lord’s vineyard. The PREX Secretariat would like to thank everyone who contributed their Time, Talent and Treasure to make PREX 95 truly a success.

For those who are wondering what PREX is all about, we are inviting you to attend PREX No. 96 scheduled in May 24- 26, 2012. “Let’s keep the promise of God’s word before our eyes and that will keep our hope up and we will see our desire to pass.

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