Friday, March 2, 2012

Fr Aris Talks on the Church Community

Last March 2, the Vicariate of San Isidro Labrador, where SLRP belongs, held its first general assembly for 2012 hosted by the Parish of Our Lady of Consolation.

The main speaker for this assembly was Fr. Aris de Leon, parish priest of the Epiphany of Our Lord Parish in Camarin. His talk was about the church community and its hierarchy. According to Fr. Aris, each of us as an individual belongs to a family and to a larger community. Similarly, the same is true for us Catholics. A family of parishes make up a vicariate and is under the authority of the Vicar Forane. A family of vicariates make up a diocese, under the authority of the bishop. Finally, we have the Universal Church, headed by the pope.

He emphasized that the life of the catholic community is centered on the parish and the vicariate and that it is necessary for a well-functioning community to have its members know one another, work together well and help each other grow. He then ended his talk by asking each and every one present to go to each and every participant and greet each one and get their names.

During the second half of the assembly, the participants were asked to group themselves by ministries and discuss one or two projects they would like to accomplish for this year.

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