Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Bishop Tobias Blesses New SLRP Formation Center

May 1, 2013, the feast day of St. Joseph the Worker and the national day of labor, marks another milestone in the life of the parish. This is the day the former SLRP Mult-purpose Hall was blessed and renamed as the new SLRP Formation Center, with no less than the Bishop of Novaliches, Most Rev. Antonio R. Tobias officiating.


At 6 o’clock on that Wednesday evening, Bishop Tobias welcomed the parishioners and benefactors of SLRP to the new building as he led in the blessing and ribbon cutting ceremonies. He then officiated the mass that followed.

PPC Chaircouple Kuya Tony and Ate Lina Feliciano and general contractor Kuya Laya and Ate Dasky Victoria were the principal sponsors during the ribbon cutting.

The construction  was started last April 3 and was completed and turned over to the diocese as scheduled, a day before the May 2 deadline  committed by Fr. Luke to the bishop.

The major civil works  in the renovation included the following: replacement of the old dilapidated roof with a brand new long-span corrugated roof with insulation, removal of the wall dividing the former Marie Vianney Hall and the central area of the multi-purpose hall, the replacement of the support structures with an all steel-frame trusses, beams and columns provisioned to house a second floor, erection of a mezzanine floor to allow for a couple of rooms for meetings and possibly future living quarters, raising of the ceiling to provide a roomier and airier atmosphere for large meetings and gatherings, and additional parking spaces. The flooring is next with the new tiles already bought and ready for laying.

The total cost of construction amounted to P2.906M which were sourced from parishioners and benefactors who generously contributed P3.07M in just three months.

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