Friday, May 17, 2013

Parish Turnover Activities

Last May 17, Fr. Luke, together with the PPC Chaircouple Kuya Tony and Ate Lina Feliciano, Ex-Officio Chair Kuya Cesar Tiongson and PPC Audit representative Ate Lina Tamayo, trooped to the Chancery for the formal turnover of our parish to the new parish priest. They met with Fr. JB Abellana, the incoming parish priest of SLRP, and his representatives. The meeting was presided by Bishop Tobias. Fr. Marlou Lemaire, Oeconomus, and Fr. Tony Labiao, Vicar General for Pastoral affairs, were also in attendance.

The main focus of the meeting centered  on providing the incoming parish priest a general overview of the affairs of SLRP— its setup, its various activities and projects, both completed and ongoing, its financial condition and that of its different ministries and organizations as well as those of the recently undertaken projects.

The various financial reports are shown below:

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