Monday, July 1, 2013

From Father JB



     As I begin my ministry as new Parish Priest of San Lorenzo Ruiz, I have to face the reality that I have to begin again establishing relationships, strengthening programs, planning with the Parish Pastoral Council Officers, Ministry Coordinators and Mandated Religious Organizations and Movements to respond to the pastoral needs of the parishioners.

     It is heart-warming  to be accepted and to be wished “Welcome to your new home Father” as the tarpaulin hanging at the entrance door tells us. It speaks of a welcoming gesture to BELONG to a family.

     However, we need to realize that this family to be truly a home in the strictest sense of the word, should be dominated by a MEETING of HEARTS and MINDS, guided by RIGHT DECISIONS that are inspired by a real concern for the best interest of all, a JUST and FAIR TREATMENT that should be OBJECTIVELY beneficial to all who serve and want to participate in the parish life, and lastly, by a GOOD FOUNDATION that is deeply rooted in the fact that the WILL of God must always be followed and valued in our lives as servants and disciples of our Lord and King.

     Thank you for the NEW HOME you have provided me and the chance to start a NEW BEGINNING that will develop into a more strong and worthy temple of the HOLY SPIRIT from this writing onwards.

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