Thursday, June 6, 2013

Father JB Celebrates His 29th Sacerdotal Anniversary

Last June 6, Father. JB celebrated his 29th sacerdotal anniversary with the SLRP PPC Council, which he formally met for the first time, as parish priest. A potluck dinner of pansit, chicken, barbecue, embutido, sinigang, salad and kakanin was shared by everyone before the meeting began.

The PPC members and the ministry heads introduced themselves and their ministries first. When it came to Fr. JB's turn, he gave a brief account of his 29 years in the priesthood up until his arrival in SLRP. He ended by expressing his desire for him and the pastoral leadership to work as one in serving the Lord and the parishioners. He asked for an open and spirit-filled interaction between and among the different ministries and organizations in the parish with the end objective of a collaborative and harmonious relationship among everyone, servants and served alike.

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