Saturday, February 1, 2014

PPC Planning 2014

Last February 1, the PPC trooped to the Diocese of Novaliches House of Spirituality in Tagaytay for a 2-day 2014 planning  session. Led by Father JB and the PPC Chaircouple Kuya Tony and Ate Lina Feliciano, the group began preparing its activities and projects for 2014.

All ministries and organizations presented their individual plans for 2014 which were then discussed, deliberated on and consolidated to form the PPC’s one year plan of activities.

Day 2 began with the Holy Mass at 6:00AM as it was the Feast of the Lord’s Presentation. A simple breakfast followed before the group began its work.

After the presentations, the PPC then evaluated the different ministries through the Light and Shadows (or Strengths and Weaknesses) analysis.

The PPC will then consolidated all these inputs from the different ministries at a post-planning meeting to finalize  the 2014 SLRP parish plans.

The different ministries and their representatives who attended the planning meeting were:

PPC President: Father JB Abellana
PPC Chaircouple:  Kuya Tony / Ate Lina Feliciano
PPC Vice Chair:  Kuya Peter / Ate Lina Tamayo
PPC Secretary:  Ate Bel Geronimo
PPC Treasurer: Ate Tess Virata
PPC Auditor:  Kuya Vic Vianzon
Worship: Ate Josie Cruz / Ate Bimbot Sevilla
MAS: Kuya Jericho Gomez / Kuya RJ Yadao /
           Kuya Norman
LECOM: Ate Egie Fabella / Ate Lynn Coronado
MBG: Ate Cora Mangubat
MuM: Ate Lina Tamayo / Ate Tess Virata
Temporalities: Kuya Peter Tamayo
SSDM/PREX: Kuya Boy / Ate Heidi Temporal
BEC: Kuya Boy Temporal / Ate Lulu Visaya
PYM: Ate Cora Pangyarihan
MMM: Kuya Al / Ate Karen Yap
AP: Ate Lou Sarmiento
Faith & Formation (formerly Education) :
       Ate Cristy Vianzon
BRC: Ate Irene  Dayao
LOM: Ate Julie Balbuena
KoC: Kuya Audie Lavador

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