Saturday, March 29, 2014

DATELINE UBAS: Bgy Capt Vic Bernardo Delivers His First SOBA

Last Saturday, March 29, 2014, amid the sweltering summer heat and the warm reception from Bgy. Culiat residents and representatives from various socio-civic, political and religious organizations and the churches, the 2014 State of the Barangay Address (SOBA) went underway at about 9:30am at the Culiat High School grounds.

Present during the occasion were members of the Bgy Development Council, the newly elected Kagawads, Purok Leaders, various homeowners associations and citizens of of Culiat. A number of greetings and well wishes from political friends and allies including a number of incumbent councillors from District 6 (Bobby Castelo, Candy Medina, Marivic Co-Pilar, Roger Juan and Donny Matias) preceded the SOBA.

After all the preliminary speeches,  the emcee introduced the newly elected Bgy Captain Vic Bernardo. He entered the staged accompanied by young school children. He then proceeded to greet the audience and wished them well. 

He then introduced his Barangay Council which included Kgds Jerrylin Balonzo, Cristina Bernardino, Conchita Santos, Corazon Zipagan, Ameerah Ibrahim, Jose Pael and Marichu Montehermoso.

After the introductions, he delivered his first SOBA. The highlights of his SOBA include the following:
)          1)  Approved 2014 Budget of  P 33,518,788.59
2    2)    2014 Development Projects
3    3)    2014 Accomplishments during the first 3 months in office.

All in all he was able to convey his vision and plans for Culiat, especially his target of having all children get an education, reducing the drug menace and expanding the reaches of government services to the far areas of the barangay.

2014 Approved Budget 

For more details on the SOBA (budget, development plans and accomplishments), follow the link DATELINE UBAS: Barangay Culiat Updates on this website. 

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