Saturday, March 8, 2014

SLRP Holds its Second PREX General Assembly

Last Saturday, March 8, 2014, the SLRP community gathered at the Formation Center for its 2nd PREX General Assembly with its theme “Higit Na Pag-alabin Natin ang PREX”. This is a festive occasion of songs, kumustahan games and bonding of PREX graduates and is usually done after so many PREX seminars. It is also a chance for former graduates to be updated on the activities of PREX in general. Kuya Boy and Ate Heidi, chaircouple of PREX, welcomed everyone to the affair.

Guest speaker for this event was Rev. Fr. Noel Azupardo, the current parish priest of San Isidro Labrador Parish here in Philand Drive, who expounded on the gospel passage from St. Mark on the healing of the paralytic who was let down from the roof. According to Fr. Noel, this gospel passage speaks of the communal spirit, the faith of his four friends who believed in Jesus that helped bring healing to the crippled man. According to St. Irenaeus, bishop of Lyons towards the end of the 2nd century says “man fully alive is the glory of God”. The crippled man was in a position of death, and through the help of his friends, he was brought to Jesus, and was made whole again, a man fully alive.

This, Fr. Noel says, should be the same communal spirit that must burn in the hearts of all PREX graduates, a heart willing to give all in the service of his fellowmen. For it is through serving one another, especially the needy, that God’s glory is revealed to us, especially in a community that is alive.

After his talk, the congregation surprised him by singing and greeting him on his birthday. A personalized cake was given to him as a gift. 

Merienda cena then followed after which there were some lively participative games which strengthened the bonds of the PREX alumni. All had fun. All had enjoyed.

Ate Josie gamely emceed the event with Fr. JB  giving the closing prayer and his blessing.

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