Saturday, June 14, 2014

Cardinal Tagle Talks Good Governance

In preparation for the coming 2016 national elections, the Public Affairs Ministry (PAM) of the Diocese of Novaliches organized a half-day talk which was held in St. Vincent de Paul Parish and which had  the theme “We Choose to be Brave: Filipino Lay Leaders are Today’s Good Governance Advocates”. The main speaker was His Eminence Luis Antonio G. Cardinal Tagle. Afterwards the PAM leaders discussed the objectives, setup and plans for the information drive and mobilization of the faithful in choosing the right candidates. The highlight of the activity was the signing by the representatives of all 12 vicariates  of the diocese, of their commitment to good governance.

In his talk, the Cardinal expounded on good governance- what it means and what it  demands from both the leaders and those governed. He mentioned three key requisites  that need to be considered: (1) trustworthiness, (2) personal good governance and (3) communal good governance.  For him, good governance starts with each of us. We need to look at who or what  governs us personally (our value system) and set these aright before we can choose good leaders.

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