Friday, June 6, 2014

Father JB Celebrates His 30th Sacerdotal Anniversary

Last Friday, June 6, 2014, in a quiet but fitting celebration, our parish priest FJB was feted to a simple breakfast on the occasion of his Pearl anniversary as a priest. Parishioners, the PPC officers and well-wishers from the religious congregations, greeted him after the early morning mass.

A short program was prepared in his honor. Ate Lina Feliciano offered a prayer in behalf of the parish for FJB’s continued commitment and general wellbeing. Then Ate Cora serenaded Father JB with two songs. Ate Josie Cruz led in the presentation of the birthday cake and the token gift of the parish.

As a gift, FJB was presented with a special bottle filled with pink (FJB’s favorite color) sand and 29 white pearls. According to Ate Josie Cruz this is a lifetime gift to FJB.

A special bag was also given which contained 6 blue pearls. FJB was asked to get one blue pearl and drop it into the bottle together with the rest of the 29 pearls. The 29 white pearls represent the 29 years of  FJB’s service as an ordained priest. The blue pearl he dropped represents his first year as parish priest of SLRP. The 5 remaining blue pearls which he will drop yearly will, God willing,  represent his remaining years here in SLRP. The bottle has enough room for more pearls for FJB to reach 100 years!

In his short message, FJB thanked the community of SLRP for remembering him on this special day. He further mentioned that it was his dream to be a priest and that SLRP is his dream parish. His wish is that the good Lord will allow him to continue with his chosen vocation until his last breath.

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