Sunday, April 5, 2015

FJB Installs New PPC Officers

Officers  of  the Incoming  Parish Pastoral  and  Advisory
councils  take their Oath of Office  from Fr. JB Abellana. 
       At the 10 o'clock mass of April 5, 2015, Easter Sunday, a new set of PPC officers was formally sworn in by Fr. JB Abellana. This was the culmination of much preparation which included a planning meeting held last March 7-8, 2015 at the St. Paula Retreat House in Philand Road. The new set of officers committed to work for the welfare of the parishioners as they professed their personal and collective vows to perform the duties of their office with dedication and humility.

Turnover of 3-Year Plans from Felicianos to the Tamayos

       At the oath taking, outgoing chair couple Kuya Tony and Ate Lina Feliciano passed on the to the in-coming chair couple, Kuya Peter and Ate Lina Tamayo, symbolic key of their office, a compilation of all the Minutes of Meeting during their 3 1/2-year term, as well as the 3-year PPC Plan authored by the Felicianos.


Kuya Tony & Ate Lina Feliciano
delivering their valedictory address

   In their valedictory address, Ate Lina recounted how she was a witness to the transformation of SLRP from a small chapel to one consisting of 42 areas; of how these 42 areas were reduced to just 5 when we became part of a new Diocese; and of how, despite this reduction in size, it's organizations, ministries and corresponding activities have expanded. Kuya Tony on his part, thanked all their co-workers in the council as well as Fr. JB and all the parishioners for a smooth and harmonious relationship within the council and among the ministries and organizations and for their support in all the projects.      

Kuya Peter & Ate Lina Tamayo
delivering their acceptance speech
In accepting the challenge of their new office, Kuya Peter quipped that, like Peter in the Bible, he (together with Ate Lina) was accepting the key of their office both literally and figuratively. The couple said they were counting on the help from their co-workers and parishioners throughout their term, noting that a burden is greatly eased if all work together. 

Appointed members of the PPC Council:

Chaircouple:  Kuya Peter & Ate Lina Tamayo 
Asst Chair:  Kuya Boy & Ate Heidi Temporal 
Secretary:  Ate Bel Geronimo 
Treasurer:  Kuya Vic Vianzon 
Auditor: Ate Tess Virata 
Worship: Ate Josie Cruz & Ate Bimbot Sevilla 
Education: Ate Cristy Vianzon 
SSDM: Kuya Boy & Ate Heidi Temporal 
Temporalities: Kuya Vic Vianzon 
Youth: Ate Cora Pangyarihan & Kuya Anton Mamawag 
Mass Media:  Kuya Al & Ate Karen Yap 

Appointed members of the Advisory Council: 

1) Kuya Tony & Ate Lina Feliciano 
2) Kuya Peter & Ate Lina Tamayo 
3) Kuya Cesar & Ate Mayette Tiongson
4) Kuya Al & Ate Karen Yap

   After the mass, the new PPC and Advisory Council posed for a family portrait

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