Wednesday, May 13, 2015

SLRP Welcomes Bp. Tobias for his 3-day Pastoral Visit

    On a bright and sunny Wednesday morning, His Excellency the Most Reverend Antonio R. Tobias, DD, the Bishop of Novaliches, was received with a warm welcome as he began his 3-day visit to the parish. Led by Fr. JB Abellana and the PPC Chaircouple, a simple welcome ceremony was held at 8:00AM to officially start the bishop's stay in San Lorenzo Ruiz Parish.
   It began with the customary kissing of the bishop's ring by the PPC, ministry heads and our barangay captain. Bp. Tobias then proceeded to the altar for the Kissing of the Cross and a short personal prayer. This was then followed by the Opening Remarks by the PPC Chaircouple, Kuya Peter and Ate Lina Tamayo followed by the official Welcome Address by our parish priest, Rev. Fr. JB Abellana.

     The choir rendered a welcome song and then it was the good bishop's turn to give the parishioners his message. He thanked the parish for the warm welcome afforded him (although he quietly dropped in to the parish convent on the eve of his visit). He was looking forward to meeting as many of the people in the parish and its surroundings and getting to know the conditions currently prevailing. 

    The ceremony ended with the parishioners kissing the bishop's ring followed by merienda for all.

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