Thursday, June 30, 2016

Thank You Father JB!

FJB (Center) with PPC representatives
(Front L-R: Ate Mayette, Ate Tess, Ate Heidi, Ate Lina, Ate Linda and Ate Lou)
(Back L-R: Kuya Cesar, Kuya Boy, Kuya Peter and Kuya Ed)

In a quiet and low key gathering, the parish, through the Parish Pastoral Council, bid farewell to Father JB Abellana. On FJB's last day in the parish last June 30, the PPC got together to say thank you for the three years he stayed on as pastor of SLRP. 

FJB left the parish for health reasons. With his diabetic condition not getting any better despite more than a year of dialysis, he has decided to final seek a kidney transplant which his doctors and well-meaning friends and parishioners have advised him. 

JFB (center) with PPC representatives and with addition of Ate Bel.

According to FJB, he will take on a less stressful schedule so he can fully concentrate on looking for a viable kidney donor as his wish is to have his transplant completed within the year.

We, your parishioners in SLRP, pray that you will find the right donor and for a successful transplant operation.

Via con Dios FJB.

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