Sunday, June 12, 2016

SLRP Joins Dawn Mass at the Diocesan Tree Planting Event

Dawn Mass at the Eco-Dam Amphitheater
In the very early morning of Independence Day 2016, both clergy and lay representatives from the different parishes of the Dicoese of Novaliches trooped to the La Mesa Dam Watershed to pay tribute to its prelate, Bishop Antonio Tobias, on the eve of his 75th birthday.

As early as 4AM, people from all parishes could be seen trudging their way through the main road leading to the watershed under the cover of darkness. Everyone was in a rather festive mood as one could hear voices of "pilgrims" walking in the cool morning. By the time our group reached the venue, there were already many people, resplendent in their own ministry uniforms, gathered around the main altar situated at the amphitheater.

SLRP Eco-warriors
As a fitting gift, the kind bishop, together with a number of priests, concelebrated the high mass in honor of Mother Nature. After the mass, the bishop and the clergy had breakfast at the La Mesa Dam Clubhouse before they went around the different facilities of the watershed to bless its various facilities. While for the eco-warriors from SLRP, it was time for a simple breakfast, a souvenir photo-ops and the return trip back to the parish.

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