Friday, August 7, 2009

Social Services and Development Ministry

The Social Services and Development Ministry (SSDM) has been in existence here in San Lorenzo Ruiz Parish (SLRP) for sometime even though its current and formal name was just determined in 2002. Although the ministry had been doing its share of community service in the past (during the chairmanship of Kuya Rene Jimenez and Kuya Atong Tribdino), it kept a low profle with its involvement in the parish. Through the years, the SSDM started to expand its outreach activities like the Yuletide gift-giving assistance to marginalized parishioners, mass weddings and mass baptsms.

In June 2003, about a year after the creation of the new Diocese of Novaliches where a small part of the former SLRP was ceded to, the new SLRP Parish Pastoral Council was formed and the SSDM formally came to be. Kuya Kerrel Flor was appointed as its first head. With the coming of the new Parish Priest, Father Luke, in June 2007, the PPC reorganized itself, elected its new set of officers, and installed the new ministries, including the SSDM.

Under the PPC, the SSDM implements community services and development programs to promote the general well-being of the parish. It is tasked to improve the quality of life of the less fortunate in the parish, promote social awareness through involvement in various activities with the current social concerns, and maintain continuous and effective liaison with public and private organizations engaged in public service.

This relatively new ministry is now composed of more or less twenty (20) members, all products of the Parish Renewal Experience. Continuous formation of the members is ongoing in coordination with CARITAS Novaliches through the Diocese of Novaliches. Members’ formation covers various areas, such as: organization, training/formation, operations program and resource mobilizaton. To date the ministry has accomplished a number of projects in its work program for 2008. Among the projects currently in the pipeline for this year are the Pondo ng Pinoy, Parish Feeding Program and the Mass Wedding, all prioritized by hardworking yet happy members of the SSDM.

SSDM Officers

Coordinators: Boy and Heidi Temporal
Secretary: Lynn Doliente
Treasurer: Bimbot Sevilla
Public Relations Officer: Anne Arcega

Organization: Cel Cabatac and Narcy Ramos
Training/Formation: Anne Arcega and Lynn Doliente
Operation Program: Bimbot Sevilla and Kerrel Flor
Resource Mobilization: Cora Zipagan and Vivian Atenza

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