Thursday, July 9, 2009

Prayer To San Lorenzo Ruiz

O most merciful and almighty God,

you bestowed as gift to Lorenzo Ruiz

the strength to withstand the overpowering forces of death

for the sake of his faith in you. Through his prayers, help us

to follow his example by overcoming all life’s trials and eventually,

increase our hope and love in You. O San Lorenzo Ruiz,

you brought honor to our country, having been a level-headed

and prudent father of the family, a witness of Christ in your life

until your death. We present all our petitions to God through your help

so that by our actions, we may know more and love more

Jesus our Lord and Savior. We humbly implore your intercession,

o dear San Lorenzo, for the infinite glory of God

and in honor of your triumph as a martyr of Christ

and defender of Christianity. Amen.

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