Sunday, February 14, 2010

Married Couples Given Special Honor in Today's Mass

Dateline SLRP Feb 14 (Sun)

On this special Sunday, the feast of St. Valentine, our Parish Priest, together with the congregation, gave honor and blessings to all married couples. In his message to them, Father Luke focused on an important aspect of married life which, for many, has been a taboo.In fact, in most marriages, this is never discussed between the couple. What Father Luke focused on is the couple's need to discuss the inevitable, the time when one of the couple dies. He was espousing the couples to talk seriously of what they (the couple) would like to happen to them, for the one who dies ahead and for the one left behind. He said that although love between married couples is something that can and will endure through eternity, all should be realistic and think about the life of the spouse left behind.

Before ending, Father asked all married couples to recite a special prayer, "A Prayer For Peace" which was patterned after St. Francis of Assisi's prayer.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone.

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